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The Operations & Setup

Scroll below to check out the girls of Farmhouse Photo.

These two ladies go hand in hand for our operation. Our Photo Booth experience is one that combines sleek technology and country twang. Our Photo Booth is housed in a vintage two stall horse trailer that has been retrofitted for our needs. It is an all inclusive operation that has its own power, lights, music- no need to plug us in. 

No space for our sassy trailer? No problem, we can bring Chloe & the Party. 

Meet our girl Chloe

Chloe is our interactive and all in one photo booth system. Complete with touch screen, LED ring light, LED strip lighting, music this is sure to keep your party going. Direct printing options, sending to emails & phone for immediate social media usage- this booth does it all. She can even produce still photos & boomerangs!


Meet Isabel

Our girl Isabel is fully refurbished and ready to help make your day completely memorable. Retrofitted for our operations, our trailer comes equipped with lights, music and decorations. 


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